The purpose of this page is to provide answers to people who have questions about recent drama.

The first thing you must understand is that public humiliation is a very profitable entertainment industry. You can very easily get millions of views on YouTube simply by making a video where you shame and ridicule someone. It's even easier to get views if you make a video about a YouTuber with lots of subscribers, because YouTube's algorithm will push your video to each of that person's followers.

I've been targeted by drama YouTubers who make trashy tabloid-style videos where they demonize and vilify me, because they know that these videos will get them tons of attention and money. The majority of claims they make about me are heavily exaggerated or outright false, and it's trivially easy to debunk pretty much everything they say. However, people value entertaining narratives far more than they value truth and reality.

If I treat my fans like kings and queens, it doesn't matter, because "YandereDev treats his fans bad" is a more entertaining narrative. If I am a competent programmer, it doesn't matter, because "YandereDev sucks at code" is a more entertaining narrative. If I am attracted to adult women, it doesn't matter, because "YandereDev is a pedophile" is a more entertaining narrative.

In short, I've been selected as a human sacrifice for the public humiliation entertainment industry because of my subscriber count. Numerous false narratives and untrue accusations have been made about me because the more scandalous the drama is, the more clicks and views people will get. I have been turned into a punching bag for the Internet to harass and abuse, not because I'm a bad guy, but because I've been framed as a bad guy.

It can all be summarized by one very simple statement: Your reputation is determined by what people enjoy saying about you, even if nothing that they are saying is true.

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