The purpose of this page is to provide answers to people who have questions about drama.

The first thing you must understand is that the fastest way to get attention and money on the Internet is to make scandalous accusations about a person with a lot of followers. It doesn't matter if the accusations you make are completely false, because most people will blindly believe everything they hear online, especially if it entertains them.

I've been targeted by drama YouTubers who make trashy tabloid-style videos where they demonize and vilify me, because they know that these videos will get them tons of attention and money. The videos that they make about me are full of misinformation, and it's trivially easy to debunk pretty much everything they say. However, most people prefer to listen to entertaining narratives far more than they prefer to listen to the truth.

It can all be summarized by one very simple statement: Your reputation is determined by what people enjoy saying about you, even if absolutely nothing that they are saying is actually true.

You should never get your information from people who shame and ridicule other people for monetary gain. These people are financially motivated to paint the worst possible picture of their target, so you should automatically assume that they are exaggerating about their target in an attempt to make their video go viral. You cannot and should not trust anything that such people say in their videos. They have zero credibility, and are not valid sources of information.

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